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Rookie Tool Box

So you’re a star athlete in high school and you’re off to college. Get ready to sit on the bench, carry the equipment and learn to cheer because you’re not top dog anymore. But fear not, sweat offers advice for rookies from veterans and first-year stars who survived their inaugural season.

By Laurie Wilson and Rob Hergott

Be Game Fitt

Humber Hawks men’s
rugby team captain
Andre Rose-Green:
“It’s important to come
out and be able to keep
up and be fit. You’ve got
to come out to practice,
video sessions, you
always have to be alert
and know what’s going


Boreal Vipers women’s
volleyball first-year right
side Stephanie Brignolio:
“If you wanted to go out
and party then I guess volleyball
really wasn’t your
thing. We still went out, but
it was more of once volleyball
season was over. If we
didn’t have practice Sunday
morning, then we would go
out together.”

Keep a low profile

Durham Lords
men’s basketball
fourth-year forward
Anthony Batchelor:
“I think if you keep a
low profile you won’t
expect too much so
you can just play your


Niagara Knights
women’s volleyball firstyear
setter Kerissa Van
“I learned fairly early
to manage my time. We
all work very hard to
keep our marks up and
to make it to practices
and train.”


Algoma Thunderbirds men’s basketball third-year forward Peter Chapman: “Take part in any team activity and try to get to know them better, because most of the time you’re coming into a group of guys who have already been together for a while.

Keeping Profs in the Loop

Redeemer Royals
women’s indoor soccer
first-year starter Brett
“I talk to my profs. They
make themselves really
available to us, so they’re
easy to find. It makes it a
lot easier if they know
what you’re doing.”

Keep Appointments

Fleming Peterborough Knights men’s rugby firstyear flanker Justin Brugger: “It’s an unsaid rule that you attended all functions. If not, you weren’t as part of the team as everyone else. It’s all about the team here. We do everything together.”

Report all Injuries

Mohawk Mountaineers men’s soccer first-year striker Adam Bond:
“You can’t go out there and get injured more. In the end it’s the word of the trainer. If I could play hurt, I would, but sometimes you’ve got to help the team and do what’s best for it.”