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Putting sore feet to rest

By Christine Teskey

Feet are the most used, abused and neglected part of the body, say podiatrists.

Dr. Kel Sherkin, immediate past president of the Ontario Podiatric Medical Association, says wearing the wrong shoe can get in the way of a good workout. (more...)

Count back from 10...

By Kaitlyn Coholan

After having problems with her volleyball serve, Kara Zakrzewski turned to hypnosis to work out the kinks and help her focus, all without the use of a dangling pocket watch. (read)

Cures for what ails you

Think those little bothersome ailments are just part of the game?
Amberly McAteer explores some minor pains that can cause big trouble and offers steps you can take to prevent them, so you’ll never be irritated again. (read)




Rookie Toolbox

by Laurie Wilson and Rob Hergott

So you’re a star athlete in high school and you’re off to college. Get ready to sit on the bench, carry the equipment and learn to cheer because you’re not top dog anymore. But fear not, sweat offers advice for rookies from veterans and first-year stars who survived their inaugural season. (read)

Creatures of habit

by Laurie Wilson

Many athletes believe the power of rituals can help them win, while breaking them can bring along the bad vibes. (read)

All in

by Stephanie Zolis

More than one-third of male NCAA athletes admit to betting on sports, and the lure of big bucks may be drawing in their Canadian counterparts. (read)


Preventative Maintenance

by Andrea Bennington

Working a girl’s rugby high school tournament last year, Tahir Khan realised that the difficulty of being an athletic therapist often hinges on making hard calls when athletes may not be able to judge for themselves. (read)