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All the wrong moves

By Jef Catapang

Mary Adams turns down the music and faces her students. “You got that? Yes, no, maybe?” she asks. Her question is answered by silent, unconvincing nods. This isn’t a typical athletic training centre. There is a poster by the door of Jennifer Lopez. Nobody is wearing gym clothes, but rather casual slacks and shiny black shoes. This is the world of ballroom dancing. (more...)

Of batsmen and bowlers

by James Sturgeon

The popular global game cricket is at long last making strides in Ontario’s colleges. Will it find its legs as an OCAA sport? (read)

The Changing Face of Sports

Holding the line

By Daria Locke

Cheerleading faces an uphill climb at the college level. Recruiting teammates is tough. Ensuring they stick around is harder still. As Daria Locke writes, it has squads struggling to find their identity. (read)

Anything once

by James Sturgeon

At first glance, an account of a gruelling four-day footslog across harrowing mountain passes on the ancient highway of a lost civilization in South America seems out of place on the pages of a sports magazine. (more)


Keeping the faith

by David Hamilton

Religion and sports have always had a tumultous relationship. How do players handle the choice between making the game and securing salvation? (read)

Hogwarts and muggle whats?

by Josh Stern

Fire jugglers, Irish dancers, rock bands and an a cappella group entertain the crowd along the sidelines while fireworks light the sky above. On the field, women and men straddling brooms run between goalposts adorned with colourful banners.

This is not an ordinary college sporting event. (more)