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>> Note from the Editor

This summer's 2008 Olympic Games are a reminder of the potential for sport to enrich our lives and spirit. Across political and geographical borders, despite language barriers and cultural differences, countries unite to play and the stories that unfold are often the stuff of history books.

The Olympics can turn the average person into a passionate sports fan for three weeks, and an amateur athlete into a hero. But as editor of sweat for this edition, I learned the same mixing of cultures and inspiring feats occur in the OCAA every season.

Editor-in-Chief Jef Catapang

EIC Jef Catapang

This issue we take a look at the stories behind amazing record-breaking athletes. We also find out about international students pushing cricket into varsity status eligibility, and the possible resurrection of hockey as an OCAA sport. We explore how culture influences the games we play, whether religious athletes observing the Sabbath, or fans of a pop culture phenomenon donning capes and playing a sport meant for wizards.

Personally, it's been over six years since I last laced up my boxing gloves and considered myself an athlete. However, working on sweat, meeting the athletes and strapping on those gloves for the team photo made me realize that I've been missing something in my life.

The athletic spirit, the drive for competition coupled with a strong sense of community is something only sports can provide. I hope our magazine will help our readers see the passion of the athletes within themselves.

>>The Facts ---------->>

Sweat Magazine is the official magazine of the Ontario Colleges Athletics Association. It is written and published by final year print journalism students at Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, School of Media Studies and Information Technology.

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The Ontario Colleges Athletic Association would like to thank The Ontario Ministry of Health Promotion for its generous contribution and support.