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Building an Empire

When Seneca’s rugby coach, Bob McArthur, first started at the college nine years ago, only 22 players showed up for the tryout. Two seasons later, he was hoisting the OCAA championship trophy over his head – the first of five in a row...>>>Patrick Soltysiak reports


Pushing through the pain


Been there, done that


Tumbling Down


Hockey: Back from the Dead?



It Came from the Locker Room

Think those little bothersome ailments are just part of the game?
Amberly McAteer explores some minor pains that can cause big trouble and offers steps you can take to prevent them, so you’ll never be irritated again.

Rookie Toolbox

Count back from 10...

Putting sore feet to rest

All in

Preventative Maintenance

Creatures of habit



Of batsmen and bowlers

The popular global game cricket is at long last making strides in Ontario’s colleges. Will it find its legs as an OCAA sport? >>>James Sturgeon reports

  Keeping the faith

Hogwarts and muggle whats?

  Anything once

All the wrong moves

The multi-cultural Issue

This summer's 2008 Olympic Games are a reminder of the potential for sport to enrich our lives and spirit. Across political and geographical borders, despite language barriers and cultural differences, countries unite to play and the stories that unfold are often the stuff of history books.

The Olympics can turn the average person into a passionate sports fan for three weeks, and an amateur athlete into a hero. But as editor of sweat for this edition, I learned the same mixing of cultures and inspiring feats occur in the OCAA every season. (Continue reading the editor's message)