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Chasing David
Timothy Treadwell
RV there yet?


Chasing David
My journey to find inner peace... I mean... Interview David Suzuki


David Suzuki would be perfect for this magazine. In terms of environmental awareness, Dr. Suzuki is Canada’s Prime Minister, a recognizable face in our ecological conscience.   But David Suzuki is a difficult man to get a hold of...

The Unbearable Lightness Of Being Timothy Treadwell
Avant-garde Environmentalist or Media-made Martyr?


Much has been made of environmental rabble-rouser Timothy Treadwell since grizzlies decided to eat him in 2003. It might be the most publicized attack in Guys-Eaten-By-Bears history. Treadwell, a self-described ‘eco-warrior’ and ‘defender of bears,’ has become a rock star in his field, a martyr. Armchair environmentalists perk up when their tragic hero is mentioned...

RV there yet?
Leading the eco-trailer park charge



Imagine a mobile home community without Ricky, Julian or Bubbles. The trailers aren’t made of cheap materials and aren’t even trailers really, but detached condos. They gleam with high-end finishes and portable gardens. There are no telephone and electrical wires invading the pristine landscape. The only humming is that of the peaceful residents, singing praises to Mother Earth...

Crustacean Liberation
Tinseltown's stars take a stand for all things furry and edible


A lobster on death-row wanders his tank stepping on the tails, eyes, and elastic-bound pinchers of his crustaceous brethren in anticipation of The Hand – that almighty human appendage that reaches down from the surface on each lobsters day of reckoning, the day when he has become plump enough to catch the eye of a hungry shopper, or grace someone’s list of ‘Things To Pick Up For the Party.’
Today is different...

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