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From Bad to Worse
Taking a closer look at Canada's environmental record

It was almost 15 years ago when Lucien Bouchard, then Canada’s Environment Minister, announced that by the year 2000 Canada would be “the industrialized world’s most environmentally-friendly country”. His tenure would last only 16 months, but his bold prediction would linger over Canadians a decade and a half later...

The Unbearable Lightness Of Being Timothy Treadwell
Avant-garde Environmentalist or Media-made Martyr?

Much has been made of environmental rabble-rouser Timothy Treadwell since grizzlies decided to eat him in 2003. It might be the most publicized attack in Guys-Eaten-By-Bears history. Treadwell, a self-described eco-warrior and defender of bears, has become a rock star in his field, a martyr. Armchair environmentalists perk up when their tragic hero is mentioned...

No-go for Kyoto?
How the Harper government is dealing with “the most important document on the face of the earth”
So is it sayonara Kyoto? Ever since the Conservatives won the last federal election, many people have been asking whether the Kyoto protocol, ratified by the previous Liberal government in 2002, might go the way of the dodo. Conservatives have long said they would want a “made-in-Canada” plan, arguing Kyoto targets are simply unachievable and unrealistic. Others disagree...

Blinded by the light
Kick-starting the movement to take back the night

Picture postcards of brightly lit cityscapes may attract tourists, but for Bob Gent - and for the wildlife he wants to protect – they’re a turn-off.

“Not only are we burning too much fuel to light the night, and disrupting wildlife, we’re also impacting our own human health,” says Gent, vice-president of the board of directors for the International Dark Sky Association (IDA). “What better reasons do we need for controlling light pollution?  We can see better, live healthier, and protect wildlife while preserving our heritage of dark skies.”

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