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Planet Oz is:
editors-in-chief Jennifer Berube
  Ashley Carter
managing editor Danielle Taylor
executive editor Carmela Gentile
art director/photo editor Mark Guilherme
assistant art directors Lindsay Butler
  Kyle Rutledge
assistant photo editor Shaun Archer
assignment editors Garth Simmonds
  Chisoni Clarke
section editors Stuart Service
  Crae Kohne
  Sandra Bratovic
  Terry Bridge
  Fariche Alleyne
copy editors Kate Wheldon
  Jen Cialini
  Dominik Kurek
  Jevon Griffith
fact checker Jessica Miller
advertising/distribution Robert Acton
  Kathleen Tomilson
contributors Hazel Ong
  Sarah Lanni
  Karalee Agar
online editor/art director Sunil Angrish
online managing editor Maryann Simson
editorial advisor Bill Lidstone
creative advisor Matt Blackett
photo advisor Anne Zbitnew
School of Media Studies
Humber Institute of Advanced Learning
205 Humber College Blvd.
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M9W 5L7
Phone: (416) 675-6622 X4518
Fax: (416) 675-9730

Cover photo by Mark Guilherme
Section photos and editor's photo by Meghan Oldham
Model: Stephanie Grieco
Hair and make-up by Elysha Emrich

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