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Sunil Angrish
Online editor/art director

So, Planet Oz summer 2006 is finally finished. Wow, for a while there I was worried it'd never see the light of day. I must send out a special thanks to the 'higher ups' to sticking with me through all the bad times and the occasional good times. I owe you plenty.

I've always have had a love for art, mainly drawing and graphic design, and occasionally dabling in some web design. I attended a special arts program, CyberArts, in high school, where I learned a thing or two that I worked into creating this little website. Oh, I also drew a couple things for the mag as well.

Anyways, while I was/am an artist of sorts, my true passion is journalism. After writing for this magazine and having some articles published in the Humber weekly paper Et Cetera, I'm hopefully on my way to becoming a classy writer of all things political at some snazzy newspaper in Toronto or Ottawa.

Oh, and for those curious, this site was made with the most basic of programs; Photoshop CS2, Imageready CS2 and Dreamweaver 8. Keep it simple and clean, I still insist. Let us know what you think. Cheers.





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