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Stuart Service
Section editor

I decided to get into journalism after taking an essay writing class at the University of Windsor. Articles five pages long that were monologues of my stream of consciousness were published in the University newsletter, The Lance. They printed every four letter word and every vicious comment. These articles each took a turn crapping all over the fundamentals of journalism, but seeing my name in the byline was enough to get me inspired to pursue writing as my career path.

My favourite aspect of Planet Oz, drawing editorial comics, was a waste of time as none of these comics made it to the glossy pages. I will commit a comedic no-no by explaining my jokes in the order which they appear from top to bottom:

Scientists barbecue'in:

I drew this for Crae's article on scientists using cells from animal tissue to grow meat in science labs.

Back to the Future reference:

Crae's article on converting garbage to fuel pellets.


I drew this for Jevon's editorial on the mishandling of the Kyoto accord. My theory is that Stephen Harper was too busy playing Socom 2: US Navy Seals online against George W. Bush to care.

Fat Canadian Guy:

This was drawn for Garth's article on Canada placing 28th out of 29 countries in greenhouse gas emissions. This comic only needed a sub headline for an explanation. This is the very article that staff agonized over for a photo. If I knew I was going to inevitably waste 10 hours on this drawing, then I would have instead spent that time owning Harper and Bush at some Socom.

Vitamin A Junkie:

For Crae's article on antibiotics being used to grow bigger genetically modified foods, and also to grow in harsher weather conditions



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