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A word from the editors...

So… apparently, the environment is no laughing matter. When we originally envisioned this issue of Planet Oz, we thought we could spin it and take a lighthearted, borderline sardonic, approach to things like the Earth’s inevitable destruction in an effort to make pressing ecological concerns more palatable to those who wouldn’t normally think twice about them (read: us). “We’ll make them care subliminally!” we thought. “With our incredible wit and our striking good looks, we can rally an entire generation!”

Little did we know that a) there aren’t many ways to make light of the fact that this country has been slacking environmentally for decades (“From bad to worse”) and b) we’re not Mad magazine circa 1960.

As you flip through the issue of Oz currently cemented to your hands, you will come across remnants of our original intent. “Smarticle”, our ode to green alternatives to gas-guzzling vehicles, features a half-naked Maxim model poses suggestively in front of a Smart Car, a photo that blatantly references most any newsstand muscle-mag. Because saving the environment is sexy too, right? In fact, as a rule, for every ecological blunder outlined in this book, there are at least two articles that turn the spotlight on some budding environmental initiative led by our latest batch of forward-thinkers. From Guelph’s new garbage system (“One Bag, two bags…”) to the future of eco-suburbs (“RV there yet?”), Canadians are beginning to look toward the future. Even simple lifestyle changes like boycotting the automobile through Critical Mass bike rides (“Get your ride on!”) or reducing carbon dioxide emissions by localizing food choices ("Carnivore, Herbivore…”) can make an impact. One might say that Canada is beginning to climb the ladder from embarrassment to… well, less embarrassment. We’re not too stupid to realize we can’t continue this destructive pattern.

Indeed Oz’s initial goal of poking fun at generations of past mistakes has slowly morphed into a red-faced reverence toward those actually proving the solutions. Or at least promoting some form of change.

Now we get it. And we hope that you will too.

“Down here, it’s our time. It’s our time down here.”
-The Goonies

Jen Berube and Ashley Carter,

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