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Braving the Cold

By Kassina Ryder

Tom Koelbel stepped off the plane in Iqaluit 16 years ago with a goal: to sell advertising space in Above & Beyond magazine to potential advertisers. It was his first assignment for the magazine, and he had always had a certain fascination with the North. So what if it was January in the Arctic, the equivalent of polar hell?

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Fulford in Charge

By Kenneth Brown

The old brick slice of city block belonging to St. Joseph Media’s downtown offices on Queen Street East doesn’t stand out in the way the atmosphere inside suggests it should – quiet on the outside and bustling on the inside. A directory lists the offices on the third floor of the East Building, where all open-concept flooring is hardwood. The long, cushioned benches offer a relaxing place to wait for Toronto Life’s youthful new editor-in-chief, Sarah Fulford. Read More


A VICE Grip on Cool

By Chris Fry

Success is a funny thing. One day you’re living off welfare cheques, eating beans, producing a newsprint zine about anglophone punk culture in Montreal, and then, before you know it, your zine has morphed into something much bigger than you ever could’ve imagined. Read More


Robert Kennedy: Still Going Strong

By Sahba Khalili

Adulterers, murderers, gladiators and governors have all graced the cover of Robert Kennedy’s MuscleMag magazine. “This guy used to live in a box,” says Kennedy, MuscleMag’s publisher, pointing to a recent issue that features Mike O’Hearn. “Now he’s an [American] Gladiator.” Read More


Cannabis Culture - still smoking

By Nicole Lane

As he walked into the room carrying fresh buns, deli meat, a tomato and sliced vegetables, he said it would be okay to ask him questions. He was extremely busy as he had just hired a new accountant that day and was in the process of training him. But it was important his staff was well fed.
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