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The DoGooders
History has been influenced dramatically by wars, weather, technological innovation, and myriad other social causes. Not surprisingly perhaps, magazines rank rather low on that list – probably somewhere between the invention of the unicycle, and Mountain Dew Code Red... more

Video killed ... the centrefold
Liz Lewis is not your average PTA mom. While most members of the Scarborough Parent Teachers Association in Ontario, Canada were planning bake sale fundraisers and car pools, their committee chair was devising a plan for bringing her idea for an adult magazine with women-friendly... more

The immediate witness
During the Iranian hostage crisis of 1979, when 52 American embassy workers were held in Tehran by Iranian radicals, the images captured by photojournalists documented the truth of the situation. “When the Americans went to rescue the hostages in Iran, a bunch of them got killed... more

This is not an advertisement
In November 2006, British women’s magazine Prima ran a two-page spread on the fitness benefits of the Nintendo Wii. Photos of smiling family members hovered over paragraphs of text. The spread looked like an article, with decks, dropcaps and cutlines. The word “advertisement” was...

Going down with Ron Jeremy
An elevator conversation with a porn legend.