By Ashleigh Smollet

“Publishing, I think, has lost its soul,” says Kalle Lasn, publisher and editor-in-chief of Adbusters magazine.

He perceives a loss of journalistic integrity with each “insidious deal” a magazine makes with an advertiser – censuring content in an attempt to please the funding source.He is deeply disconcerted by the lack of fairness he sees, where an advertising contract with a deep-pocketed corporation will keep a magazine afloat and making profits for a couple years, regardless of whether it’s content fails to please readers.

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FEATURE STORY: Making an Impression

By Eileen Hoftyzer

“Hopefully you marry rich or you have a day job.”

Children’s editor Jude Isabella laughs as she says it – in an interview, not as personal career advice – but there’s still a feeling that she’s speaking the truth.
That’s not what anyone wants to hear from an editor. It’s harsh advice and a reality check for every writer looking to break into the children’s market.

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By Ashleigh Smollet

A writer’s professional life is all about ideas.

Brainstorming, analyzing, beating their head against the wall trying to come up with ideas, and forever wondering where their next big story idea will come from.

As writers, our ideas and our ability to translate them to a page is really all we have. We don’t provide a service the way a doctor or day care worker would. The physical aspect of our job is minimal–– translating thoughts and ponderings, from mind to page. Therefore, if we don’t have any ideas, we really have nothing to market.

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A photo essay by Kelly Anderson and Andrea Damiani


Section Editor: Kathryn Hudson

Section Writers: Kelly Anderson, Andrea Damiani, Eileen Hoftyzer, Eunice Oluoch, Ashleigh Smollet


By Eunice Oluouch


Some companies outlaw the discussion of salary amongstworkers, knowing there’ll be mutiny in the ranks when Jane Doe finds out she’s earning less than John Smith who does exactly the same job.
But thanks to a salary survey conducted by our friends at Masthead, anyone in the magazine industry can discover who’s earning what in which department.
In addition to comparing salary by gender and job title, they also looked at salaries earned by those working for consumer magazines versus those earned by workers in business magazines.

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