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Editor’s Note

When I asked Ken Alexander what he wanted from The Walrus, I expected him to respond with the high ideals of journalism and making Canada a better place.

“More sleep,” is what he said to me, grinning.

I was surprised, but now I know how he feels. Since we started working on the “desire” issue of Magazine World, I haven’t had much time for luxuries like sleep. Few of us have.

Time truly is like money. We all desire more of it. But to write 40 pages about that would be redundant, so what else do we want?

Do printers want better proofs from magazines? Do photographers want more creative control? Do writers want more respect?

Do women want the same things men want now that their role in magazines has been turned on its head in the 21 st century?

The people who work in this industry are as diverse as their publications. Their desires reflect the changes they continue to endure in the face of increased financial hardship and the ever-changing face of public demand. This is what we’ve tried to capture within this issue.

We hope you’ll desire to pass Magazine World along to your friends and co-workers, and check out our website for more.

We’d all sleep better knowing you did.

- Jeromy Lloyd


Natasha Elkington - Art Director Online
If we weren’t all so enamoured with Natasha, we’d be bloody jealous of her. Originally from Kenya, she modelled in the Miss Kenya Pageant before moving to the UK and then Canada. Since arriving, she has found time to get a Fine Arts degree from York University, join a funky reggae band, learn to speak a fifth language, get voiceover work at Muchmusic, and cultivate a head-turning afro. By the way, she’s only 25.

Ian Honey - Managing Editor Online
Ian was born in England and raised in Toronto. He left the University of Guelph, where he majored in psychology, to attend journalism school. He was the lone male reporter for Humber Et Cetera’s Life section, an awkward position that sometimes left him the choice between covering bridal shows and interviewing students about their choice of underwear.

Rebecca Grant - Assistant Managing Editor Online
Rebecca loves sleep, but never gets any. This may be because she has lived in Guatemala, Cuba, and Costa Rica, written a giant thesis on liberation theology in Israel and Palestine, worked with seniors, abused children, and the food bank, as well as advocacy groups for gay, lesbian, transgendered and bisexual students, campus radio, animal rights groups, land rights groups, anti-racism organizations, and peace groups at the university, provincial and federal level. The Dalhousie alumnus speaks Spanish, likes pickles, and in her spare time adopts homeless cats.

Shannon Hughes - Photo Editor Online
Shannon has dedicated the past twenty-four years to walking the thin line between being taken seriously and being taken literally. She enjoys writing and the outdoors and can often be seen lugging her computer monitor off the balcony of her apartment when it rains. Shannon hopes to telecommute from northern Ontario and possibly become the first person to conduct a magazine interview with a bear.

Andrew Paul Grozelle - Section Editor
Andy was born in Fergus and stunned the world with his debut performance as the class jackass in the nativity play. From this humble beginning he went on to humbler accomplishments, bartending and farming and teaching English abroad. Upon graduation from Queen’s University he was forced to decide between journalism and work as a private investigator. He made his choice, but can still be seen smoking a cigar while wearing an old trench coat.

Emina Gamulin - Section Editor / Assignment Editor
Emina is a born and bred Clarkson girl who now calls Toronto home. Her dad has also had a lot of plastic surgery, but it was the non-vain, reconstructive kind.


Katie Lamb - Assignment Editor
The littlest member of the crew is also the biggest magazine junkie. Katie hails from Athens, Ontario, a town that hosts an annual celebration of the corn season. From the University of Ottawa, Katie moved to Queen Street in Toronto, and spent the past year with Magazine World and the Humber Et Cetera. For the record, she says her dad is not as scary as he sounds.

Jessamyn Nunez - Section Editor

The class court “jester” has learned to value her sense of humour – as a section editor and self-described porn aficionado, she finds it comes in handy. Jess likes a good dose of cynicism now and again, and her fondest school memories are of quality time spent in the Humber basement editing suites. The Toronto native is moving out west for the summer, and recommends a week in a hippie commune to anyone involved in Magazine World this year.

Jacquie Figueiredo - Section Editor
Born and raised in Toronto, a typical city girl. Loves the noise, traffic and crowds of downtown, and can be seen shopping Queen Street on her days off. Hopes to work one day for Fashion File, or anywhere Europe can handle her. A subscriber and devout reader of many fashion magazines, she never pays much attention to the covers. Originality is where it’s at – her motto is ‘just be yourself.’

Rebecca Wellum - Assistant Art Director
Rebecca earned a BA at the University of Guelph, and has lived in Guelph, Burlington, and Toronto. She wants to work from her dream office on a lake in the Muskokas, and hopes that Cottage Life will hire her services in exchange for a cottage. Since her arrival at college she worked as the assistant art director on Magazine world, and has written for the Humber Et Cetera.

Andrea Utter - Art Director
Andrea is one writer who won’t let distance stand between her and a goal. The art director of Magazine World lived and studied in both Montreal and Waterloo, and now commutes to Toronto from a home that she shares with two cats and a lifetime supply of drywall. Andrea hopes her eye for style will help her find work with a home design magazine. She merged her passions together to write her feature article on Lynda Reeves and Canadian House & Home magazine.

Alexandra DeMaria - Assistant Photo Director
Alex is a freelance writer from Toronto. She graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a BA in Visual Arts in 2002, and has spent time living in Australia, France, and England. Alexandra was a reporter for the Humber Et Cetera, covering the Arts and Entertainment section. When she’s not writing, Alex works as a jewellery designer for Takila Network, a Toronto-based company.

Emily Williams - Assistant Art Director
After receiving her BA with honours from Queen’s University, Emily moved on to journalism with her eye on the fashion industry. The business-savvy style guru hopes to become the editor-in-chief of a leading fashion magazine, and got her start in the business with an article on cover design for Magazine World.

Diana Kowal - Assistant Art Director
If ever a pair of shoes could inspire a writer, Diana is that writer. Bordering on eccentric fashionista and serious shopaholic, she loves to write about fashion – the very thing that brings her joy. When she’s not reporting or plotting her best-selling novel, Diana can be seen toting full shopping bags down Bloor Street or wine-tasting with her friends. The University of Toronto alumnus still fosters the belief that she’s a movie star, and hopes to relocate some day to France.

Caroline Laurin - Section Editor
Caroline Laurin is a Montreal native who loves to travel.  She is introspective but loves being the life of the party and is always looking for an excuse to meet new people.  A graduate from the University of Guelph with a bachelor of arts in criminology and political science, Caroline hopes to be a crime reporter one day.

Jeromy Lloyd - Editor in Chief
Old Man Lloyd is very tall and wary of self-summarizing. When pressed, he’ll admit to being a huge fan of language, music, philosophy and the task of improving life. He has lived in a variety of large and small cities across Ontario, but now considers Toronto his home. He spends his spare time searching for enlightenment and the second 'e' from his name. To date, he has found neither.

Aaron Jacklin - Production Editor
A graduate of the University of Guelph, Aaron has put his degree in Criminal Justice and Public Policy to work as the crime reporter for the Humber Et Cetera newspaper, and hopes to continue newspaper work after graduation. A native of rural Ontario, he enjoys the prospect of working for a community newspaper, and plans to spend the next few years conquering his fear of snakes.

Dave Lazzarino - Executive Director
Dave travels the world looking for new and interesting ways of putting pen to paper. The class nomad cut his teeth on travel stories but covers all areas of interest from hard news to humour. The Toronto native looks to provide his services as a foreign correspondent anywhere that allows for a decent meal and good music between stories.

Dave Jutzi - Fact Checker
Originally from Guelph, Ontario, Dave currently resides in Toronto with his wife Melissa and their two cats. Dave is a graduate of the University of Toronto joint program with Sheridan College in Theatre and Drama Studies. Deciding, perhaps foolishly, that journalism would provide more career stability than acting, he changed his focus from the stage to the studio, and is a broadcast student at Humber. In his spare time, this sports fan enjoys relaxing at the cottage and spending time with family and friends.


Scott Jordan - Photo Editor
Scott is a journalist from Peterborough and a graduate of Trent University. He is an avid guitar player and enjoys listening to the likes of Radiohead, Interpol, and Hot Hot Heat. When he was 10 he lived in England and travelled across Europe, then developed a love of writing in high school and enrolled in Journalism. Since beginning work with Magazine World he has decided to work more with the design element of magazines, and enjoys both photography and layout.

Geoff Goodfellow - Section Editor
Geoff is a Maritimer with a BA in History and Political Science from Bishop’s University. He did not climb Mount Everest, and has not joined the armed forces; accordingly he owns no medals of valour. From 1999 to 2002, Geoff contemplated becoming a famous author, and spent two years considering a tour of Aztec ruins and sub-Saharan Africa. In 2004, Geoff moved to Toronto and began his work with Magazine World. He is currently not scheduled to be a flight commander on NASA’s next shuttle mission, but may some day control a Canadian broadcast studio.

Marco DiRocco - Copy Editor
Marco loves hearing and telling stories, and making people laugh. He researched fitness and body building magazines for Magazine World, and would like to work in a similar publication. Marco is known among the staff of our magazine for his red-and-purple hat and offbeat insights. When the weather is nice, he can walk on his hands.

Mueni Kithuka - Copy Editor
Mueni comes to us from Nairobi, Kenya, but for the past three years has called Toronto her home. She juggles a full-time job and full-time classes in order to meet her goal of being a television producer. One sweet day, she hopes to own her own production house.

Neha Sharda - Section Editor

Neha hails from India, a country of culture and tradition. She dreamed of being a fighter pilot, but wound up working in journalism in India, and has no regrets about the decision. She loves that the media is “a double-edged sword which can be used to eliminate or elevate any issue, person, or even country,” and hopes to land a career in broadcast journalism.

Cynthia Reason - Assistant Managing Editor
Cynthia grew up in Kingston, and graduated from the University of Guelph with a degree in International Development. From there, she moved to Toronto where she’s working and training as a journalist. A quarter of a century into her life, Cynthia knows you’re never too old to chase mice around darkened cafeterias – after all, news stories lurk everywhere.

Melissa Monosky - Fact Checking

Melissa moved from Pickering to London to attend the University of Western Ontario, where she graduated with an Honours BA in English. She worked on the Regis at Western, then covered education for the Humber Et Cetera and worked as Assistant Photo editor for Magazine World. Melissa hopes to stay in the GTA after graduation, and aspires to find employment as a reporter for the Toronto Star.

Christen Smith - Managing Editor
Christen is a country girl from North Bay who wants to be a journalist to fill her need for world travel and talking to strangers. She would also like to save the world. Christen may be the wrong person to write horoscopes for this magazine, since she believes neither in them nor in a word coming out of her own mouth. Her knack of talking before thinking has volunteered her for many similar projects in the past.