Anita Bell



Sheri Bolton

Send in the Troupes


Bronwyn Cawker

Recycled Treasure


Jesse Cnockaert

Going Green


Penelope Graham

It's All in the Cards


Justin Holmes

Violence & Art


Nicholas Kyonka

Documenting Canadian Art


Alana Lowe

Project Not-So-Much


Alexandra Mazzuca

Toronto Arts Council


Ethan Rotberg

An Artistic Remedy


Erica Shupe

Dare to Bare it


Adam Trinh

Let's Get Digital


Puja Uppal

Urban Playgrounds


Vernon Williston

A Social Affair


Leigh Blenkhorn

Beautiful & Disgusting


Kenzie Broddy

Insect-ual Design


Michelle Chang

No Man's Land


Matt Durnan

Cover to Cover


Chris Halliday

Eau Yeah!


Brigitte Karnilavicius

Eat My Art


Stephen Leithwood

Busy City, Busy Lens


Dan Lui

Capturing What Moves You


Diane Petricola

From Protection to Expression


Andrew Seale

Broken Records and White Noise


Rob Titus

Discerning Eyes


Ashley Turner

Gum Blondes


Agata Waliczek

The Sound of Music


Samantha Wu

Ambush Art

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