Illuminate - Two artists recalled to light

by Anita Bell

From a distance, a strange green light is emanating from within a gothic looking tower. Move closer. There is a narrow opening in the limestone that may be hard to fit through.

Eat My Art

by Brigitte Karnilavicius

When you see a shot of a batch of cookies in a magazine, it's not as simple as someone baking cookies and taking a picture of them. There is a lot more to those simple looking cookies than meets the eye.

Eau Yeah!

by Chris Halliday

Combining the sound and flow of water with the appeal of sculpture can be difficult, but an increasing number of artists are taking on the challenge.  New breeds of sculptors have changed fountain design to bring it inside the home.

Capturing What Moves You

by Daniel Lui

More than two million people “ride the rocket” every day in Toronto. For a majority of them it’s a tactile necessity that doesn’t provide a lot of stimulation. But a community of photographers and painters view the TTC as artistic.

Recycled Treasure

by Bronwyn Cawker

Found artists are connoisseurs of unseen value, sifting through the garbage of the world and blurring traditional lines by turning simple objects into workable art forms.

Violence & Art

by Justin Holmes

“I don't think violence in itself is aesthetically attractive. It’s attractive due to the subject,” she explains. “I present it in an aesthetically pleasing way that combines violence and aesthetics and the combo is what is attractive.”

Insect-ual Design

by Kenzie Broddy

The Textile Museum of Canada in Toronto is where Angus' exhibit was behing held. The name - A Terrible Beauty - is rather appropriate. Terrible would be some peoples' initial idea of bugs; beauty was the result of the exhibit.

From Protection to Expression

by Diane Petricola

“As an artist, I like the form of the hockey stick because, of course, you have the long shaft for the handle and you have this great curve that curves outward and bends left or right. I was intrigued by that.”

Cover to Cover

by Matt Durnan

While some of the art form of album design has a fairly short history, it has spawned arguable some of the most memorable works of our day. The Beatles crossing Abbey Road may be the most imitated album cover in the history of music.

Gum Blondes

by Ashley Turner

From bubblegum pop culture to bubblegum pop sculpture, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Marilyn Monroe and Jessica Simpson never looked so lovely. Local artist Jason Kronenwald gives his viewers something to chew on with his life-size portraits of renowned blondes laboured from chewing gum.

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