Dare to Bare it: The evolution of pin-up

by Erica Shupe

“Like the burlesque troops of the war eras, SuicideGirls is actively challenging what it means to be a woman, what is artistic, and what is not. Gone is the idea that the only definition of beauty in the adult world can be a tall, blonde, buxom, Barbie like parody of a woman.”

It's all in the Cards

by Penelope Graham

Personal interpretation of the tarot’s symbols is fundamental in reading a deck, and when painting one. The theme of the deck, the symbols, and the characters featured are all determined by the beliefs and creativity of the artist.

Send in the Troupes

by Sheri Bolton

Gone are the venues dedicated to burlesque, but as this revitalized performance captures more attention, clubs across the Toronto are bringing in the troupes. But despite it’s revival, the message is not the same as it was in the 1920s.

Ambush Art

by Samantha Wu

Everything’s planned: the timing it takes to draw a crowd, the audience’s response, people even act as security in case things get out of hand. The desire to stare at a car crash is what forces people watch this scene play out.

Beautiful & Disgusting

by Leigh Blenkhorn

The pieces Whitefeather creates look like everyday objects until, upon closer examination, you realize they’re made from human hair. “I would say a lot of it is beautiful and disgusting at the same time,” she says.

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