Broken Records and White Noise

by Andrew Seale

It is the sound of a turntable needle scraping against a badly burnt copy of the Sex Pistols’ Never Mind the Bollocks. It is records stomped on, cut, broken and reassembled, scratched, damaged then played. It is sound art.


From Protection to Expression

by Diane Petricola

“As an artist,” he says, “I like the form of the hockey stick because, of course, you have the long shaft for the handle and you have this great curve that curves outward and bends left or right. I was intrigued by that and I just started thinking about things you can make with those and it went from there.”


Insect-ual Design

by Kenzie Broddy

The Textile Museum of Canada in Toronto is where Angus' exhibit was behing held. The name - A Terrible Beauty - is rather appropriate. Terrible would be some peoples' initial idea of bugs; beauty was the result of the exhibit.


Beautiful & Disgusting

by Leigh Blenkhorn

The pieces Whitefeather creates look like everyday objects until, upon closer examination, you realize they’re made from human hair. “I would say a lot of it is beautiful and disgusting at the same time,” she says.

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