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Section Editors


Lauren Brunetti
Section Editor

Lauren Brunetti graduated with a major in Communications Studies at Wilfrid Laurier University. She works for the online magazine Suite101 as a contributing writer. Lauren lives in Oakville.

Sandy Sandy McLachlin
Section Editor

Sandy McLachlin graduated from Brock University with a BA in political science. He lives in Toronto.

Shawna Markus
Section Editor

Shawna Markus earned her Honours BA in psychology from York University in Toronto. Her poetry has been performed and published in Saskatoon. Shawna is a receptionist at a women's gym in Thornhill.


Scott Martin
Section Editor

Scott Martin is also one of Fine Cut's online art directors. He studied Classics and English at the University of Toronto, and has written for the Toronto Star. Scott lives and works in Toronto.


Kati Mason
Section Editor

Kati Mason is a section editor for Fine Cut. She attended Queen’s University in Kingston where she earned an Honours BA in classical studies. She lives in Brampton.


Stephanie Skenderis
Section Editor

Stephanie Skenderis studied English, drama and political science at the University of Toronto. She was the arts and entertainment editor for The Mike at St. Michael’s College, and has written for Flare magazine.


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