fine cut

Art Direction and Photography


Graeme Steel
Art Director

Graeme Steel studied communication and theatre production at the University of Ottawa, and completed a certificate course at the New York Film Academy. He’s written two plays and several films. Graeme lives in Toronto and owns a camel in Saudi Arabia.


Erin Bosenberg
Art Director

Erin Bosenberg is an interdisciplinary artist with a BFA from Nova Scotia College of Arts and Design. Her photography, installations, and performance art have been exhibited in galleries in Halifax and Victoria, as well as Australia and South Korea. Erin has also been published in 'This' magazine.


John Evans
Online Art Director

John Evans is Fine Cut’s online art director. He studied computer science at York University in Toronto and has written for the online video game and culture magazine, The Escapist. John lives in Richmond Hill.


Adrienne Coling
Photo Editor

Adrienne Coling attended the University of Toronto where she earned an Honours BA in English. She is a tour guide for SHOPDINETOUR Toronto. Born in Waterloo, Adrienne now lives in Toronto.


Pattie Phillips
Photo Editor

Pattie Phillips studied at Queen's University where she earned an Honours B.Sc. in environmental studies and life sciences, and a BA in geography. Her poetry has been published in Hatch magazine, and her photography has been featured at CBC Radio 3. Pattie lives in Whitby.


Josh Long

Josh Long holds a BA in history with great books from Brock University, where he wrote for the Brock Press. He was also a member of the community editorial board for the St. Catharines Standard. Josh is a tutor, living in Mississauga.


Justin Rydell

Justin Rydell wrote a weekly column for the Caledon Enterprise in high school. While attending King's University college he did a double major in Political Science and Philosophy. Originally from Denver, he now lives in Hockley Village, north of Toronto. He also works for his family's landscape construction business.


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