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3-D: The New Normal?
by Graeme Steel

By the time 3-D draws its audience literally into the antics of Woody and his buddy Buzz, after the Beast sweeps them off their feet and twirls them round the dance floor, when they’ve poured sweat and blood with gladiators of the gridiron and followed every move and every pitch of U2 in concert, the entertainment world will be well-primed for the next move. 3-D is coming home to stay...


Putting Theory into Practice
by Teri Pecoskie

Olivier Asselin’s office at the University of Montreal looks no different from that of any other university professor. The desk is barely recognizable under stacks of papers and a huge collection of brightly coloured texts looks ready to burst from packed bookshelves. Asselin’s boyish face smiles from behind his cluttered desk, giving no indication of the many years of experience he’s had working as both an academic and a filmmaker...


Internet Killed the TV Star
by Michael Sutherland-Shaw

If you have the Internet, you have no reason to watch broadcast TV ever again. Select any episode you want, when you want it. Start, stop, fast-forward and rewind at will. Add a network where commercial breaks are just 30 seconds long rather than five minutes and there you have it – online TV...



Sniping the South
by Stephanie Skenderis

The briefing room where members of a tactical police force meet to discuss cases and strategies is quiet. The machines in the gym stand alone – dumbbells on the floor. A few steps away, a nursery is eerily unused, the crib empty. A dining room decorated with pictures of children has no life behind its makeshift walls. The smell of sawdust permeates.

In just a few short hours, these rooms will be in full use as the cast of Flashpoint takes its position on set...


by Erin Bosenberg

PhD student Loree Erickson describes the day she first presented her video to an activist film class with no warning of the sexually explicit material they were about to see. She asked her teacher if anyone had ever made porn for the class. The professor answered “no” and with that Erickson pressed play and said, “there’s a first time for everything.”...


The Red Dawn
by Josh Kerr

At first glance the Red One camera doesn’t seem all that different from other high-end digital video cameras. Sitting there on Toronto based actor Jonathan Baldock’s antique dining room table the camera is underwhelming despite having generated so much excitement...



Illustration for "Internet Killed the TV Star" by Katarina Lyadova
Photo for "Sniping the South" courtesy of CTV
Photo for "The Red Dawn" courtesy of Judy MacAlpine, on set of Reverie 2009

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