fine cut

About FineCut

FineCut is a magazine for Canadian film and television professionals. The aim of the magazine, now in its eleventh year of publication, is to offer technical yet accessible news to those involved in all facets of the industry.

Many of the articles in the 2009 edition focus on evolution. FineCut writers carefully explore this ever-changing industry in pieces on technology, education, industry, and current events.

For the first time in history FineCut is being published entirely online. By moving to the web, we hope to show that we are both committed to the environment by reducing paper waste and committed to the changing needs of our readers. FineCut has been enhanced with multimedia so that readers not only have the opportunity to view our articles, but also to watch these stories unfold in photo galleries and audio tracks.

We hope that you enjoy the benefits of our new online format. And, like the changes we profile in the film and television industry, we hope that you appreciate our publication’s desire to evolve.


Fine Cut 2009