fine cut

Artists Raising Consciousness

Billie Mintz, Jason Hailman and Erin Kys are some of the main contributors to the films that are produced by Artists Raising Consciousness. In these pictures, they are shown in the ARC office and the Centre for Social Innovation. The ARC office is where Mintz, Hailman and Kys view the footage they’ve filmed and edit their advomentaries.     
The Centre for Social Innovation is a meeting place for social groups to collaborate and deliberate. It is here that Mintz meets with organizations he’ll be working with and brainstorms concepts for his films.

Top left: Outside the ARC office
Top middle: Billie Mintz working on his latest project
Top right: The ARC Office from the street
Bottomleft: Billie Mintz, CEO of ARC
Bottom middle: Erin Kys editing clips of video at ARC
Bottom right: Billie Mintz working at the Centre for Social Innovation

Photos by:
Pattie Phillips and Kati Mason

Fine Cut 2009