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Interview - James Stewart

Fine Cut’s Graeme Steel spoke with digital filmmaking pioneer James Stewart of Geneva Film Co. about the return of 3D. As one in a small group of directors to work in digital 3D, Stewart’s experience makes him the the perfect candidate to explain the technical aspects of this flourishing digital universe.

PART 1: It came from the 50's
PART 2: Digital Dawn
PART 3: It's all in the eyes - the art of two-camera flming
PART 4: It's alive! - converting legacy 2-D films to 3-D
PART 5: It's all in the eyes 2 - how differernt 3-D glasses work
PART 6: The goggles, they do nothing! - autostereoscopic 3-D

Interview - Cameron Bailey

Cameron Bailey shares with us, in his own words, one of the most exciting moments he has experienced as part of the Toronto International Film Festival. He shares the emotions behind bringing Frozen to a Canadian audience.


In this interview with Fine Cut's Cathleen Yoo, Bailey discusses his long successful history with the Toronto International Film Festival, his passion for global cinema, and the future of TIFF and internationally made movies.


Interview - Rita Shelton Deverell

Rita Shelton Deverell is a career broadcaster with many impressive accolades. She is on MacLean’s Honour roll of Outstanding Canadians, has been inducted into the Canadian Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame, was the recipient of the Canadian Black Achievement Award, the Media Watch's Dodi Robb Award, and in 2005, she became a member of the Order of Canada. Fine Cut’s Kat McMorrow gets her talking about everything from how she got started in the industry to women’s issues in the media to consolidation.


Interview - Walter Klassen

Walter Klassen has been in the animatronics business for over 20 years. The film industry is moving more and more to digital creature effects - but there are still jobs that a machine can do better than a moving picture. For educational installations, a real object captures the imagination of children powerfully. Klassen spoke to us about one such project.


Interview - Bill Brioux

During an interview with Michael Sutherland-Shaw, freelance TV critic Bill Brioux recalled one of his first interviews with American comedian Hal Roche. Through anecdote, Roche provided some interesting insight on what makes something entertaining, and why quality of production doesn’t necessarily reflect quality of content.


Video Interview - Madison Young

Madison Young is a star on the indie porn scene, a fetish queen, and an advocate for porn that shows real pleasure. In this clip she tells Erin Bosenberg why she joined the industry and explains how important feminist porn is to counteract the mainstream.



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