Editors Note

By Jon Sufrin and Kelly Roche

It’s almost a shame to commence the 10th anniversary issue of FineCut with a cliché: Canada is diverse. Words that have been repeated in tandem to no end.

Yet Canada’s diversity never ceases to amaze. Example: this FineCut did not begin as a themed issue, but as our writers sought out some of the most driven individuals in the industry, we couldn’t avoid the stamp of Canada.

Iran. Israel. China. Queer Culture. Islam.

Across the country, Canadian-slash-insert-your-favourite-cultural-affiliation-here artists are expressing themselves on film: writing, directing, and acting, and we’ve only waded ankle deep in the water.

Diversity in culture and diversity in media. There is a revolution taking place before our eyes as digital technology is taking power away from rich executives and placing it into the hands of the bourgeois.

Check out the Horizons department. YouTube, MySpace, and Flickr have made mass distribution free. The advent of new media software and technology means people at home can create work indistinguishable from the studio. 

Advertising is changing too – no longer will advertisers have the control, soon, we’ll only be hearing the messages we want to hear.

In the wake of this issue’s stories, the glint of inspiration is unavoidable. Robert Cuffley and his one-pointed dedication. Yung Chang and his patient pursuit of the genuine. Marty Adams and his unconditional surrender to his craft.

Some of the names are less recognizable: those who relish in the sweat and labour of the oft under-credited behind the scenes workforce.

These are the faces and personalities of the Canadians who entertain and enlighten, and this issue pays homage to them.

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