Executive Team


Kelly Roche
Kelly thinks Nip/Tuck is brilliant. She went 'green' 10 years ago. Kelly loves gallivanting in South Florida and hopes her broadcasting career takes her to a balmy climate.

Jon Sufrin
Jon was raised by wolves on the Arctic steppes of Greenland. He hopes that through journalism he will one day teach the world how to save his homeland, which is melting.

Fiona Collie
Fiona hopes to be an editor at a newspaper one day. When she’s not writing or editing, she likes to read and sing in a choir.


Bianca Hall
Just a small town girl, livin' in a lonely world. She took the midnight train goin' anywhere...

David Lipson
David has three freckles on his face that form an equilateral triangle. His father once mentioned he’s related to Franz Kafka. This has not made David a better writer.

Justin Robertson
The pictures on this site represent the work Justin’s produced throughout his first year.


Erin Lewis
"Feed your people or lose your throne
And forfeit your whole kingdom."

Dila Velazquez
Dila isn't one to brag...but she can Photoshop like it's her job. Lucky for FineCut, it was her job.


Section Editors


Kara Bertrand
Kara studied in northern France for six months. She’s a big fan of 60s music and anything that has to do with the 60s. Kara’s dream job is being a travel journalist.


John Bkila
John wants to specialize in print journalism and hopes to one day run his own newspaper or magazine.

Christina Commisso
Christina doesn’t read the news, she just writes it.

Alex Cooper
This summer Alex will be working as a reporter for the Columbia Valley Pioneer in Invermere, British Columbia. His goal is to be a globetrotting foreign correspondent.


Jeremy Eaton
Daddy didn't give attention. To the fact that mommy didn't care. King Jeremy, the wicked, ruled his world. Jeremy spoke in class today.


Joan Porter
Originally from Montreal (via Bermuda, Winnipeg, Munich, Calgary, Lennoxville, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon...). Punctuation know-it-all, trivia and pop culture junkie.


Jordan Sandler
Jordan has an Honours degree in History from York. He is also a writer for Academix, a career guide magazine with a circulation of over 70, 000 across the Middle East.


Photo Editors


Laura Cicchirillo
Laura would like to travel the world. She’s attempting to break the bad habit of buying books “with the intention of reading them.” Her guilty pleasure is celebrity gossip.


Amy Leitner
Amy loves traveling, public speaking, sushi, documentaries, and her dog, Dylan. She hopes to become a broadcast journalist in the entertainment realm one day very soon!





Bryanna Brown
Bryanna has a passion for fashion. She writes for Gloss and Canada Social.

Natalie Escobar
"I'm a little bit country, I'm a little bit rock." Natalie’s just a girl trying to make it in the scary world of journalism. Watch out! She will be on your TV one day!


Andrea Iseman



Ryan Lavender
After graduating from the University of Guelph, Ryan spent several months working as a bouncer at the Stampede Ranch, a country bar. Thankfully, he was never punched during that time.


Robert Sassano



Copy Editors


Livia Fama
Livia is a student with a penchant for coffee, travel, foreign films and literature (not necessarily in that order). She likes to be anonymous but no longer will be!

Tracey Finklestein
Tracey is going to specialize in broadcast next year. She loves coffee and long walks on the beach.


Brandon Fitzgibbon
Brandon is enthusiastic about sports, entertainment, and world affairs. He enjoys providing his viewpoint and rivaling the typical cliche answer.


Andrea Iseman


Amy Kuzyk
Two of Amy’s favourite things: ballet and hockey.  Her dream job would be equal parts dance reviewer and hockey broadcaster with a little bit of traveling throughout Europe. 


Stephanie Stranges
Stephanie has an Honours degree in English and Cultural Studies and Critical Thinking from McMaster. She’s an associate intern for Fashion Takes Action, an eco-conscious fashion movement.



Research Cheifs


Jason Sahlani
Jason is settling nicely into his new life as a journalist after spending five years working in the public sector. He hopes to have a career that contributes to the global social justice movement.


Gareth Vieira
Gareth likes to read, write, and read some more. He’s awesome that way.





Fact Checkers


Sana Ahmed



Maciej Chabelski
Maciej is in the business of trading heroes for ghosts and hot air for a cool, cool breeze. P.S. These are Pink Floyd lyrics, he’s not that poetic.



Natalie Escobar
"I'm a little bit country, I'm a little bit rock." Natalie’s just a girl trying to make it in the scary world of journalism. Watch out! She will be on your TV one day!




Art Assistant


Andrea Iseman





Online Art Assistants


Chelsea Saldanha
Chelsea will be a Can-Indian for the next year and four months. English is the co-official language of the Indian Union. There is no language called INDIAN...

Bryanna Brown
Bryanna has a passion for fashion. She writes for Gloss and Canada Social.





Lacy Atalick


Catherine Mann


Cytlalli Ruiz-Chapman
Cytlalli enjoys traveling and learning new languages.



Web Designer


Caroline Gdyczynski
Caroline is happiest when she is desgining websites and playing with graphics. Shes currently working on her broadcast career.