Brigid Aiken

A staple of Toronto’s Citytv for 18 years, CityLine was originally hosted by Dini Petty and came into its own when Marilyn Denis took over in 1989. 

Over the years, the show has evolved, playing to Denis’ strengths and paying close attention to its fans.

Despite the pressure of being live, the show’s 16 staff members say they wouldn’t change a thing. 

“Everyone in this unit loves what they do,” says production manager Louise Norris. “It’s really a labour of love.”

The CityLine audience has grown in size and loyalty with 25,000 current requests – almost a two year wait - for tickets to the show. 

With over 200 live shows a year, the crew just celebrated its 3,600th broadcast in February 2007.

For production manager Louise Norris, the most rewarding element is the feedback she receives from fans.

“I’ll be in a line-up paying for my groceries and someone will be standing in front of me chatting…about what they saw on air today and it’s so freaky,” says Norris.

“That kind of stuff happens and you realize that people really love the show.”

Senior floor director Kathy Adetuyi says she loves the challenge of pulling off a live show everyday.

"When it comes down to it, it’s a very hard work. It’s a really hard job and you would have to love it to do it.”