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Meet the Team

Fine Cut Team



In early January, the staff of Fine Cut had no idea how to start the process of putting together a magazine that would look even the least bit professional. 

In the past four months, the 18 students went from nervous greenhorns to professionals by battling many challenges that had to be planned for and some that were unforeseen.

These included conducting interviews and writing stories during Reading Week and a three-week strike by Ontario colleges that severely reduced the time of production.

Eventually the team pulled together into a cohesive unit under the constant effort and the sometimes-necessary whip cracking of Jen Wareham, the editor and chief. Thanks to her dedication and faith in the team, trepidation turned into confidence and a vast array of abstract ideas went through a metamorphosis into a concrete plan.
Through the past four months the team experienced growth as they learned to compromise and work together editing each others’ work. Now as a united front they are proud of the 2006 edition which will be the most elaborate yet.