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Jonah Bettio


Jonah Bettio is a filmmaker and journalist whose recent work has been featured on the CBC series Make Some Noise. When not exploring issues that don’t make the headlines, Jonah can be found playing basketball with friends, listening to music, or spontaneously combusting.






Rui Gomes


Rui is an impact player and that’s why he gets paid the big bucks. Although his dream of becoming a professional athlete is fading, Rui’s personal trainers help keep him in top physical condition. So when the Maple Leafs, Blue Jays, or some European soccer club come calling, he’ll be ready. But if he can’t be playing pro-sports, he believes the next best thing is watching them and writing about them. No longer does he have to conduct fake interviews with the players on his video game.






Beth Macdonell

Beth was conceived on a cold-afternoon’s tumble in the snow. From a young age, she had an eye for style – from her vast collection of polyester shirts to her fashioning the colour of her braces to the season. More recently, she ventured to two ends of the Sahara, reported for a Ghanaian radio station, and was an ultimate ‘flaneur’ in Paris. Now a quarter century young, she plans to become a wicked broadcast journalist, working to keep social justice on the agenda and tell important stories of Canadians and beyond.



Crissandra Ayroso

When she’s not writing for Fine Cut, Crissandra keeps busy touring with her heavy metal punk band, the Deadlines. Her favourite hobbies are crime solving, word puzzles and setting people up on blind dates. A gifted dancer and fantastic speller, her other interests include pyrotechnics, short shorts and things that are awesome. Talents include cat like reflexes and being sometimes-psychic.