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Alister Maclusky


Alister was raised by wolves. He enjoys long walks on the beach, and still believes in Santa Claus. Despite a crippling fear of condiments and garnishes, he somehow manages to make it through every day with a smile on his face.. Alister was awarded the Pulitzer Prize, but turned it down because the whole thing had become too commercial. Alister MacLusky is truly a modern day Renaissance man.




Doug Gilchrist


Doug Gilchrist grew up in Sudbury and graduated with a BA in Anthropology and Classics. Rather than tread down the dull and dusty (and sometime moldy) halls of academia to the ivory tower, he decided on a different career path. Instead of arguing over minute details in scholarly debates and dealing with political backstabbing, Doug chooses to bring these to the public. His generosity knows no bounds and he believes in sharing strife equally.