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“It’s one of the only jobs where the boss walks in and you close the email and open the porn.”

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Naked on the Cutting Room Floor

By Matt Burt

For every lesbian threesome, grunt of primal satisfaction or graphic oral sex scene, there is a team of qualified personnel working hard behind the scenes to make sure you get the porn you deserve. From editing to lighting to making sure those exaggerated moans of pleasure come through crisp and clear on your home TV, you can take comfort in knowing this heavily-manned workhorse is on the job.

Craig, a video production coordinator from Toronto, is a part of that workhorse. The 25-year-old works for a media company whose primary client is a large porn distributor. Craig graduated from the Toronto Film School in Film and Television Production two years ago. Somehow he found himself splicing sex scenes together on a TV/ Internet show.

The majority of his work is in post-production. He edits films and pictures before the public sees them. And he admits the nature of his profession is definitely racy.

“It’s one of the only jobs where the boss walks in and you close the e-mail and open the porn.”

Office abnormalities aside, viewing graphic adult-oriented material on a daily basis tends to dull the more erotic elements for busy employees.

“You get desensitized,” Craig says. “Porn and sex is one of those things that makes sense when you’re into it but when you’re watching it from an external point of view, it’s just really funny.”

It would be easy for workers at the company to start giggling like teenaged schoolboys. But Craig says employees generally treat the day’s activities like any other profession – as a job.

“You’re just thinking of it as a business, as a product rather than, ‘Oh my God, these people are having sex in front of me.’ You get so used to seeing porn that it just becomes second nature.”

Chris, 26, a graphic specialist for adult films, says you eventually get used to the job.

“I have a background in life drawing. After a while you stop thinking it’s a naked lady you’re standing in front of, and all you’re looking at are the bones, the skin, the muscle, the tone. So when I look at the footage, I’m not looking at a blowjob, I’m looking at, ‘Are the colours right?’ It’s work.”

Chris, a former classical animation student at Sheridan College, usually creates logos, website interfaces, DVDs and letterheads. However, much of his job in the porn industry involves handling post-production on films and the technical aspects of “making stuff look pretty.”

“I take the footage and most of the time, a couple of colours need to be shifted. Stuff needs to be matted out that you don’t want to see.”


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