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Canadian professor and author of Understanding Media Marshall McLuhan’s famous words were, “The Medium is the Message.” These five words are very poignant when applied to the web magazine you are currently reading. Here you have on your screen a publication about two older mediums, presented on the newest…the Internet. What does that say about our message?

The film and television industries are such vast and immeasurable worlds that despite age are constantly changing and evolving. The people that work in various aspects of the two businesses are forced to change along with them or risk being left behind by those more willing to stay on top. The internet has changed the world in almost the exact same fashion.

Taking a print magazine like FineCut and turning it into a web based information source therefore is another evolutionary step. It is the fusion of old and new world ideas to create an entirely new message and understanding for the reader. It gives us the opportunity to take you even further inside the large and small screen world. A journey into film and television that provides a glimpse behind the wizard’s curtain.

We’ll take you on the set of a hit Canadian program and show you what it’s like to be a Production Assistant. Show you exactly how special effects are crafted, designed and brought to life. Introduce you to two Canadian actors that have found fame on two different paths and two women that rule the entertainment world. Show you the people that bring sports to the little screen. Tell you when and where you can catch the hot movie festivals and even provide a How to Guide for breaking into the business.

Read the stories, follow the links, check out the pictures, e-mail the writers and stay as long as you would like, keeping one thing in mind: When Mcluhan said “The medium is the message” he was saying as much about the format and presentation as he was about the reader and their interpretation of the content.


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