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10 Reasons To Stick With The Biz

1. You may be one audition away from your big break.

2. You’ll miss the rush of going on auditions.

3. You’ll go nuts working a nine to five job.

4. You’ll always wonder, “What if I just stuck it out?”

5. No other job will give you the same sort of satisfaction.

6. When else can you have multiple personalities and not be put in an

7. When else will you ever get a standing ovation.

8. You get paid to have your hair and makeup done.

9. There’s no better excuse for still being a server at 30.

10. The pure joy of seeing yourself on the big screen!




Know When To Fold 'Em

By Kimberley Hawley

So many dream of being a famous Hollywood actor – the glamorous parties, beautiful clothing and a chance to walk down the red carpet. The bottom line is, very few ever see their name on a film credit, and even fewer become household names. The reality is most actors barely make enough to cover rent. However, if you’re dedicated and persevere, you might be the next shining star, or you’ll at least become skilled in a variety of areas.

Sky Gilbert is a jack of all trades. He has worked in the business for more than 18 years as an actor, producer, director and writer. He’s had a successful film and television career with a long list of credits including My Own Country, No Contest II and Side Effects.

Gilbert is kind but straight to the point.

“I fell into acting. I got accepted into the acting program at York University and thought, ‘Wow this is great. I might as well take advantage of it’.”

Finding work as an unknown actor sometimes means helping others out. Gilbert says there’s a lot of ‘cross fertilization’ artistically. He’s worked as an actor on projects and then hired the producers and directors to act in projects he’s directed.

Gilbert has made countless sacrifices for the business. He says his personal life has suffered the most. He didn’t have a personal relationship for some time because there just wasn’t enough time.

Amanda Armagon is no stranger to sacrifice. She spends all her time training and taking classes. She says she rarely gets to spend time with friends and family because the business demands so much of her.

Armagon is an up-and-coming Toronto-based actress. At five foot six, a stunning beauty, Armagon was fortunate enough to land the lead in the first short film she auditioned for, Julia.

Armagon is passionate about her chosen field but admits there are difficult times.

“One of the hardest things about being in the business is sometimes you start to let money become a factor. We all need money to survive. You go in hoping this audition is going to be the one that will end your troubles so you can begin to concentrate on good work. Living paycheque to paycheque is no walk in the park.”

Armagon has been serious about acting for the past six years and is off to a promising start. She’s done a slew of commercials including Lava Life and Cellular One, a Saran Wrap commercial and a Road Runner internet commercial. Despite her successes, Armagon admits she’s still waiting for her big break.



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