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“"It's our job to
imagine reality and
to make things real
that aren't real.”"




Lords of Illusion (con't)


Anne Steele, a costume supervisor, says special effects is an art. Many departments work together to create a single illusion. Take the knocker effect.

“"When someone jumps through a window, effects, makeup, wardrobe and hair are all involved,"” says Steele whose credits include Ambition and Mutant X.

“"We age the costume to make it look like it's gone through the ringer. (It's my job) to make sure the costumes are appropriate for each effect."

Costume designer Alex Kavanagh, who recently worked on Land of the Dead, says “"every show has different needs and effects and those effects each require a different way of making it happen."

Special effects is a team effort. Kavanagh praises the work the prosthetics department did in Land of the Dead. The two departments collaborated to create a band of ravenous zombies. The principal zombie, Big Daddy, along with six other focus zombies sat for hours while makeup artists applied three different layers of prosthetic appliances every day on set. The artists applied a layer of heavy prosthetics followed by a lighter layer, and then topped it with some face paint. A mask was then molded on.

“"Some of them were actually pretty gross to look at,"” Kavanagh recalls.

The director, the wardrobe and effects departments must confer with one another at every step of the process. They must decide how they can make these elaborate effects come to life. When it all comes together, the director's vision is actually visible.

“"It's our job to imagine reality and make things real that aren't real,"” Ahee says.

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